Ethus Logo, Identity, Website, Mobile App

Creation of a visual identity from scrath for an austrian non-for-profit organisation with goal of a more efficient energy consumption.

Secondary colors were made and named by mixing the 4 primary colors.

The round shapes and color scheme made it easy to create patterns based on the logo.

Two web-safe fonts were chosen to go along with the brand.

Icons were made with rounded corners and light outlines to fit the overall style.

The idea behind the business cards, were that they put together create the company (the full logo).

The landing page for the company is where the idea is sold. Therefore it was a goal to explain the idea as quick as possible. This was done with a catchphrase and a short video.

Everything is easier mobile. The goal was to create a playful app that makes it painless to get an overview of electric savings and register new electic devices in your home.

In todays world it needs to be responsive. So I designed the dashboard to be used on all type of devices.

© Copyright Frederik Mørkeberg Mikkelsen