Hej! I'm Frederik Mørkeberg Mikkelsen. I'm a graphic designer and enjoying every second of it. I specialize in digital, branding and print. I was born in Copenhagen, Denmark and I've worked in Copenhagen, Brisbane and just finished working in St.Gallen, Switzerland at Namics.
Now I'm back in Denmark.
Ready for a new challenge!

I've always been drawn to the arts and visual graphic culture. Ideas expressed visually make most sense to me. Ever since primary school the front page of my essays was the main focus.

My two passions in life is graphic design and cycling and that combined with travelling, my life can't be any better. I've always aimed for perfection and simplicity.

In my free time I'm a passionated bicycle rider mainly mountainbiking, but also road biking and once in a while enjoying a few races. The adrenalin rush from riding bikes and the clearing in my head helps me concentrate and design with a lot of energy in my favourite non-active element, graphic design!

This is a little bit about me. Skål! Cheers!

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